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“Wine pairings” is the the latest addition to our new web site.

The idea for the section is to provide recommended wine pairings and great recipes from top chefs and clients alike. To kick things off you’ll find the first six articles with ideas for supper, desert and Sunday lunch. We’ll add to this section regularly as we discover new stuff and you can take part by commenting and sending through your own favorites and discoveries.

We’ve included some of the latest video,

produced by Bordeaux, where generic wines from the region are matched by Michel Roux Jnr  to his choice of recipe. Check these out as we make a specific recommendation from our own wines.

Below are some snippets to wet your appetite, go to the archive on wine pairings to find them all.

Rosé matched to Baked Apples with Fruit Mince

Rosé with Baked Apples and Fruit MinceTry our “Organic Hand Picked” rosé matched with this delicious baked apple dish The Bordeaux Wine Council selected Chateau de Claribes Rosé as a show case wine and it would be a great choice to accompany this delicious dessert! The

Marpeau Matched with Boiled Mutton

Marpeau makes a good match for its high Cabernet content. Quite a different take on Sunday lunch here “Boiled Leg of Mutton with Anchovy and Parsley Sauce”.  In this episode the recommended wine to go with the food is a

Sauvignon Blanc and Vacherin Mont D’Or

Vacherin Mont D'or and Chateau de Claribes Sauvignon BlancHi there, don’t know if you remember us visiting last year. Just to let you know Anita and myself had your Bordeaux Blanc Sec Sauvignon Blanc on Christmas eve (my birthday) with a baked Vacherin Mont D’Or, crusty bread and

Blanc Sec matched with Grilled Sardines

Sardines and Blanc SecBlanc Sec makes a good match for its crisp Sauvignon Blanc character. “Grilled Sardines with Ham, Basil and Tomato Relish” shown here as a starter but add salad and it makes a summer lunch dish.  In this episode the recommended

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