Blanc Sec matched with Grilled Sardines

Blanc Sec makes a good match for its crisp Sauvignon Blanc character.

“Grilled Sardines with Ham, Basil and Tomato Relish” shown here as a starter but add salad and it makes a summer lunch dish.  In this episode the recommended wine to go with the food is a Bordeaux Blanc. Dry, crisp and with the right structure and lemon zing that works so well with Sardines.

Château de Claribès Hand Picked Bordeaux Blanc Sec is our choice here. Made from a tiny parcel of vines that are carefully hand-picked and perfectly ripe. Keeping everything cold and minimising the air contact ensures that we catch-all the fresh flavours that Sauvignon Blanc has to offer. Dry, fresh, zingy, lots of structure and length, a wonderful partner to the Sardines (with or without the ham).

Here’s the full recipe:

Sardines and Blanc Sec

you can find the original here

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