Marpeau Matched with Boiled Mutton

Marpeau makes a good match for its high Cabernet content.

Quite a different take on Sunday lunch here “Boiled Leg of Mutton with Anchovy and Parsley Sauce”.  In this episode the recommended wine to go with the food is a Medoc chosen for its robust nature and high Cabernet Sauvignon content. Well it doesn’t need to be a Medoc, Château de Claribès Marpeau has a Cabernet Sauvignon content of 80%. Marpeau is a rich, dense wine, dry, robust and spicy. It makes a perfect match for this dish.

Marpeau is a Côte de Bordeaux wine and the wines from this area are normally dominated by Merlot. In the case of Marpeau we were able to select a high quality parcel of Cabernet Sauvignon and make it the main ingredient of the blend. The result is a wine that is fleshier and more “gras”, more extracted and more earthy than you might expect for a Côte de Bordeaux. It’s full of complex ripe fruit flavours with hints of chocolate and liquorice, good rounded tannins, dry and ripe fruit.

In particular we would recommend the 2005 Marpeau, now starting to drink beautifully, it received a Medal D’Argent at the Concours de Bordeaux.

So if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional Sunday roast crack open a bottle of Marpeau and get cooking!

Here’s the full recipe:
Marpeau matched Boiled Mutton
you can find the original here

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