Rosé matched to Baked Apples with Fruit Mince

Try our “Organic Hand Picked” rosé matched with this delicious baked apple dish

The Bordeaux Wine Council selected Chateau de Claribes Rosé as a show case wine and it would be a great choice to accompany this delicious dessert!

The Rosé is fruity and dry, a perfect partner for the dried fruit and spice of the Baked Apples! Known for its elegance and complexity, we make our rosé from organic Merlot grapes planted close to the château.

We harvest the grapes by hand, before the main red harvest, and convert them into rosé using the same winemaking techniques as for dry white wine.

The recipe suggests that you make the fruit mince and leave it for a week before using. We cheated and used some leftover fruit mince from Christmas but combined it with fresh walnuts, almonds and pistachio nuts.

To serve you can use clotted cream or quality ice cream. We tried it with a homemade vanilla ice cream and the combination was absolutely delicious.

Here’s the full recipe:
Rosé matched with Baked Apples and Fruit Mince
you can find the original here

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