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“Wine” and “Bordeaux” are inextricably linked. The Bordeaux vineyards cover 110,000 ha (270,000 acres) of land across 66 appellations and 6600 vineyards, ranging from the extravagantly expansive Grand Cru Classe, to intimate privately owned properties. Claribès is close to the famous right-bank appellations Saint Emilion and its satellites, Pomerol, the Côtes of Sainte-Foy and Castillon, and the Entre-deux-Mers.

Our vineyards are classified as Sainte-foy Côtes de Bordeaux and we invite all our guests to a tour of our vineyards and winery, followed by a tasting of our organic wines. We can help with reservations for other tours.

Saint Emilion

St Émilion is one of the most familiar of the Bordeaux appellations, taking the name of the very interesting town. Medieval buildings, the church and cloisters, turrets and towers, narrow lanes, and amazing views beyond the rooftops of the town, over the Dordogne valley. All are complimented by dining options ranging from an outdoor cafe serving coffee and canelé in the bustling square to the streamlined efficiency of Michelin-starred restaurants.

The tourist office offers a map of the town, with key historical and interesting places pinpointed; a daily list of chateaux open for visitors; and booking a trip on the small road train passing by the gates of some of the famous chateaux.

The town of Saint Emilion is about 20 kilometres from Claribès.


The city of Bordeaux is about one hour drive west. In 2007 the city achieved UNESCO World Heritage status, a truly well-deserved accolade. A gastronomic paradise, with beautiful squares, waterfront, parks, historic buildings, and everything you expect from a vibrant city. To celebrate Bordeaux wine heritage La Cité du Vin, at the end of the Quays, is well worth a visit.

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