Foods Matter

Foods Matter

“Foods Matter” you care about what you eat, why don’t you care about what you drink?

It’s a fact that most people don’t consider what goes into the wine they drink. Many people who are vegetarian and vegan are unaware that meat, fish and dairy products are often used in the winemaking process!

We were contacted by “Foods Matter” and asked about our approach to winemaking and what we do that ensures our wines are vegetarian, vegan and as natural as possible. Being vegetarians ourselves we were happy to provide the answers. Follow this link to the article.

Take a look at our FAQ for more information on vegetarian and vegan wine.

Who are Foods Matter

Foods Matter is an entirely independent informational website, the ‘founder’ site of the FoodsMatter family of sites, which includes sites dedicated to coeliac disease and gluten-related disorders, free from food, free from supplements and superfoods, free from recipes, raw foods and allergic skin conditions.

The site was launched by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson over 20 years ago as back-up to the Foods Matter magazine, offering information and support both to food allergic and intolerant consumers and to the health professionals caring for them. Since the magazine moved ‘on line’ in 2010, the sites have grown rapidly and now receive over 500,000 unique visitors per year.

Michelle Berriedale-Johnson is the editor of Foods Matter

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