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Marpeau Matched with Boiled Mutton

Marpeau makes a good match for its high Cabernet content. Quite a different take on Sunday lunch here “Boiled Leg of Mutton with Anchovy and Parsley Sauce”.  In this episode the recommended wine to go with the food is a

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Sauvignon Blanc and Vacherin Mont D’Or

Vacherin Mont D'or and Chateau de Claribes Sauvignon Blanc

Hi there, don’t know if you remember us visiting last year. Just to let you know Anita and myself had your Bordeaux Blanc Sec Sauvignon Blanc on Christmas eve (my birthday) with a baked Vacherin Mont D’Or, crusty bread and

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Rosé Just Stunning

Stunning with Chateau de Claribes Rosé

Hi there ….just a wee note…… I did a tasting myself on the rosé…..very nice with a room temperature salad of tomato and basil, quite nice paired with a simple bowl of redcurrants with a little caster sugar but the

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Maison and Gigot of Lamb

Lamb and Boulangere Potatoes

Hi….just had my main course dinner……. Gigot of lamb – grilled- with courgettes fried in olive oil then finished with aged balsamic, tomatoes and mint and boulangere potatoes……matched with the ‘2005 Maison’ ….bloody brilliant!!! The key is to bring out

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