Unusual Côtes to enjoy

Decanter article - Unusual Côtes to enjoy - Dec 19

In the December issue of Decanter Magazine, a fabulous article appeared under the heading “Unusual Côtes to enjoy”.

The article, written by Jane Anson, brilliantly captures the innovation and dedication going into the production of wines in the Côtes des Bordeaux wine region.

For the tasting, they picked categories where the Côtes lead the way in innovation – so in organic or biodynamic wine, or in using grapes selected from specific plots of the vineyard for a special bottling, or those using 100% of a single grape variety, or unusual fermentation or ageing techniques such as clay amphoras rather than the more typical oak barrels, or by minimizing the use of sulphur – an antibacterial agent often used in winemaking – to focus on vibrant fruit flavours. And in an area that is 97% red wine (against 90% red for Bordeaux as a whole), they tried some of the amazing white wines that are being produced. They found many powerful personalities and styles in these special bottlings; numerous wines that are well worth searching out.

The introduction is worth reading, it encapsulates what the Côtes des Bordeaux is all about.

You will find two wines from Château de Claribès under the Organic Biodynamic section, Marpeau Sainte-Foy Côtes de Bordeaux 2017 Rouge scoring 91 points and Cent pour Cent Sainte-Foy Côtes de Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc 2018 also scoring 91 points.

You will find the full feature Unusual Côtes to enjoy by following the link below.

Union des Cotes de Bordeaux Decanter Dec 19

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