What is the best way to transport wine?

Lots of people ask us “what is the best way to transport wine?”

This is often asked by people buying wine from the Château door for transport home by car or flying across Europe and as far as Australia. We give some general guidance and we have designed our own packaging to help.

Transport wine – 3 general rules to remember

no. 1

Always carry your bottles upright so they do not leak.

We actually pack the wine in cases flat to prevent the cork from drying. The majority of our wine is closed with a particularly tight fitting cork to prevent leaks (bad if a bottle leaks in the middle of a stacked pallet !!). So far we have had zero leaks “touch wood”.

no. 2

Avoid transporting wine during extremely hot or cold weather.

no. 3

Wine does not like rude shocks, so you will need to let
it rest for two or three weeks before serving.